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Immigrating to Canada can be a complex process and immigration laws are constantly changing. 

As such it is strongly advisable to speak with a qualified Immigration Consultant if you are unsure of the process and whether you qualify to immigrate to Canada. 

Our consultants are specialists in Canadian immigration laws and are licensed members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). 

Why You May Need A Consultation 

  • You don’t know if you qualify to come to Canada 
  • You need assistance with your application 
  • You need legal immigration advice for your situation 
  • You have questions you are not sure of 
  • Your previous application to Canada was rejected 
  • You are unsure what is happening with your case file 
  • You need someone to review your documents and forms 

What We Do In A Consultation 

  • Discuss your situation to gain an understanding of your case 
  • Determine the immigration options available to your situation 
  • Assess your eligibility for each of the options presented  
  • Determine the most suitable option that will increase chances of a successful application
  • Identify any obstacles or areas of improvement that may hinder your chances of a successful application 
  •  Provide advice and solutions to overcome these obstacles and have a successful application 
  • Present you with different alternatives 
  • Provide guidance and direction to additional resources 
  • Document package after consultation 

Consultations are for 45 minutes with one of our knowledgeable Immigration Consultants. 

Representative-client confidentiality, legal and ethical obligations provides that consultations are held in strict confidence. Information provided or disclosed by the client will not be disclosed or sold to a third party. 

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